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The enchanting little state of Sikkim lies in the eastern end of the mighty Himalayas flanked by Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet on its east, west and northern borders respectively. Sikkim lies nestled under the protective shadow of its guardian deity, Mount Khangchendzonga (8598mts), the third highest mountain in the world. Conveniently accessible by rail air and road, this little Himalayan jewel is fast becoming a favorite gateway for tourist in recent years.

The area of Sikkim is 7,096 sq.kms and measures approximately about 110 kms from the north to south and about 64kms from the east to west. The elevation ranges from 224 mts to over 8590 mts above sea-level which gives Sikkim it’s incomparable range of flora and fauna. The majestic mountain peaks, the dense foothill forests, the frothing river and the last paddy fields make this 22nd state if India a hotbed of bio-diversity not found anywhere else.

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